There are some crafts that are just so much easier to do with children out of doors and anything involving pans of fabric dye are right up the top of that list for me! Haha, poor kid, I should give her more credit as she is sensible, mostly!


Oh, we do love a bit of tie-dye in this house. We don’t have fancy squeezy bottles and lurid rainbow colours; we just go buy a little sachet of warm water dye from the shop and chuck it in the jamming pan with cheap white tshirts strung up with elastic bands.

To make these circular patterns, we pinched up small bunches of fabric on just the front of the tshirt and secured them with elastic bands. We left the back plain and popped it all in a prepared pan of indigo dye. A pair of rather thin white shorts went in too and girly stood outside and stirred it for 20minutes. Then, we rinsed it all out and gazed in wonder at the beautiful patterns we had created!

If you’ve never done it, then do have a go at tie-dye with the children this summer; it’s really not the messiest of dye projects, it’s not too fiddly for young hands and they get to see the results pretty quickly.