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It is finished! Only five months late but it’s finally finished!


As decided when I last posted about this quilt, I really didn’t like a couple of the blocks and the last one was giving me a headache. So I decided to ditch one row completely and use 9 of the blocks arranged with a dark grey sashing and backing fabric.


I didn’t want a completely square quilt so I made up a bunch of HSTs and added a row to the top and bottom just to extend it a few inches, enough to make the finished quilt rectangular. It’s about 105x125cm, so is a small lap quilt I suppose, it’ll be taking up residence on the sofa where I’m sure it will soon be put to use in den construction!


With regards the actual quilting, I’ve never done traditional stippling before; I usually go for patterns that add structure or else totally random scribble quilting. As this project was using traditional patchwork and it is essentially a bargain quilt made from scraps, I decided that I should just give it a go. I can’t say that I particularly like the stippling but it’s been a bit of a learning curve and that’s what it’s all about for me.


So there you go – my scrappy colour palette friendly quilt-along quilt. Job done!