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After a few weeks and several interruptions (story of my life!), I have finally got my quilted bed runner quilted, bound and on the bed.


It’s been a bit of a journey of self-belief if I’m honest, as I haven’t done any kind of free motion machine work since I was a fearless 16 year old sat in Art Textiles class. Back then we were frequently testing the limits of hundreds of pounds worth of fancy embroidery machines by running all manner of stuff through them, quite blasé about it… it’s a different matter entirely when you’re older and wiser!


So I decided, as a FMQ novice, to come at this project with an organic approach – here read “there’s no such thing as wrong”. I wanted a different pattern on the tiles to the sashing and that was my only guideline. I went for a simple wave pattern on the tiles, then let the lines on the sashing meander irregularly. Overall I’m incredibly happy with how this has turned out, I think the fabrics look stunning pieced in a simple tile pattern and, whilst there are hiccups in the consistency in the quilting, I really like the patterns and movement I’ve created.


Next up….some scatter cushions featuring the same prints, the sea of white at the head of the bed needs breaking up. I love this range so much, there will not be a scrap left for the scraps bag!