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These cookies don’t last long in our house, quick camera snap, turn away to write up blog post, look back and they’re gone!


They’re soft, crumbly and have an interesting texture from the almond. You could omit the seeds if you wanted to, my lot all love seeds though so I tend to throw them in anything I can.

Here’s what to do:

125g butter or marg
100g soft brown sugar
1 cup of ground almond
Half a cup of gram flour
Half a cup of gluten free plain flour, I always use Doves Farm flours
1 egg yolk beaten with a drop of milk to bind
50g dark chocolate cut into rough chips
25g mixed seeds

Cream the butter and sugar until fluffy. Mix in the almonds and the flours, then add just enough egg yolk beaten with milk to bind the mixture. Mix in chocolate chips and seeds if you like them.

Pop teaspoon size blobs of the mixture onto a non-stick or lined tray, flatten slightly and bake at 150C (fan oven) until they are cooked and turning golden – mine took about 18 minutes with two trays in the oven. Cool on a rack.