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Yes. Yes. I am fully aware that I haven’t published a block since July and this was meant to be a year long project… Sigh, I suppose I got a little distracted. However, the project is not abandoned and I have got another couple of blocks made this last week. I think that takes me to 9 of 12 completed.

So without further ado…


This block is called the spiral and I must confess that it is driving me into a spiral of despair. It seems to me that there is something wrong with the piecing on the top and bottom rows that breaks the symmetry of the block. I have double and triple checked it with the pattern and it is pieced correctly but it is niggling away at the perfectionist in me and I might yet get the seam ripper out on this one and go against the pattern.

The next block is probably the best I’ve done so far in terms of quality of the piecing. I’m not a huge fan of pink so it doesn’t really sing for me but I’m sure when it is pieced into the final quilt it will be perfect.


The remaining few blocks I hope to complete over the next week and then I need to decide on the colour of the the sashing and backing. I suppose it might be finished and quilted by Easter!