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I meant to write about this some time ago but I hadn’t taken the right photos at the time, so today when my daughter asked to do some fabric printing I grabbed my camera!

This is a simple and effective printing project; an alternative to soggy potato stamping on paper and so much cleaner, especially if you have a child that cannot bear having slimy or sticky fingers. It uses fabric paint, foam precut shapes and wine corks – yes parents of the world, you did read that correctly, you may have to drink some wine in preparation for this activity!


Using a hot glue gun, or good strong glue, stick a selection of small foam shapes onto the flattest end of some corks. We used precuts that came in a craft pack that were a bit thicker than sheet foam. Ideally you want the shape to fit within the circumference of the cork, if it overhangs then you might not get such a good print or you might need to get your child to use the end of a paintbrush to help firm those bits down onto their work.


Here she is applying some metallic fabric paint, we’re using that at the moment as it was half price in my craft store. I suppose if you don’t have fabric paint you could use acrylic paint, so long as you don’t intend to wash the project. Applying the fabric paint with a brush gave a good even print result but for younger children you might wish to just blob some paint out onto paper plates and let them dip their corks in.


We find that printing onto plain white cotton is most effective, we tried denim and that didn’t work so well. My daughter likes to make these printed panels up into little cuddle cushions that she gifts to her friends.


Here is one that she made for herself with a little bit of assistance cutting out. With younger children I’d suggest taking their printed panels and turning it into something for them, or you could give them a pre-made item, a little bag or an apron maybe, and let them print directly onto it.