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Ruffle yarns…aren’t they just the wackiest thing ever? The first few I saw in the shops had me intrigued. I picked them up, examined them closely and could not work out at all what to do with them and hurriedly put them down again and ran away. Then a friend started sharing some of her fabulous ruffle scarf projects with me and demystified it all – oh my word, they are addictive!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about then here’s a couple of Phildar yarns I’m working with at the moment.


See, it’s a mesh yarn or a yarn with a looped edge that you knit through just a few stitches back and forth to create these lovely ruffled scarves. You just cast on a few stitches on that mesh edge and start knitting normally using the loops of the mesh. There’s plenty of videos out there showing you how to get started.



….becomes this…


And this really unusual yarn by Belgian creative store Veritas….


…becomes this, when knitted up in a slightly more complicated way.


I think the fact that you can make a scarf within a couple of hours is a large part of the appeal, in terms of project completion they are really rather satisfying. They also look really effective; recipients of your handiwork will ooh and ahh for quite some time unable to work out how on earth you knitted it! Clever stuff!