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It’s been a while since I’ve had a play with felt; it’s still one of my favourite making mediums, especially for play food. It’s very easy to work with and looks so effective. A friend of my daughter recently had her birthday and, as I knew she had received a beautiful wooden play kitchen for Christmas, I decided to make her a pizza set just like the one she’s had so much fun with at our house.


If you’ve never made felt play food before then a pizza is a very easy starting project, it’s made from two circles of beige felt with a layer of thin batting between. Cut the pizza sandwich into even-sized wedges, blanket stitch over the edges of each wedge using a few strands of embroidery thread and stitch a border to define the crust.

The toppings are just pieces of felt cut to shape; tomato and cheese layers, olives, pepper, anchovies, salami, mushroom. You can add whatever you like – my daughter has added onion rings, capers, ham and pineapple to her set. Embellish with a little embroidery if you wish.


I added a simple gingham apron and a menu card to the set, which I think add to the role play opportunities.


The whole project is packaged in a clean unused pizza box courtesy of the very nice people at the local takeaway. Pizza boxes are available from catering suppliers but I could only find them in packs of 150, which seemed a little excessive!

It’s such a simple project but remains such a popular toy with my daughter and her friends even though they’re approaching the age when games consoles and MP3 players can easily take over. They still love to fetch out the pizzeria and the bakery and set up shop on the table and that’s serious satisfaction for just a little bit of mum magic!