One has to make sure that Santa’s reindeer know where they’re needed and what better way to encourage them to your home than with some ‘magic reindeer food’. Scatter on your lawn on Christmas Eve and hurry off to sleep and let the magic do its work!


Belgian children don’t really understand much about Father Christmas, here the big crazy kiddy celebration is on December 6th, the feast of St Nicholas or Sinterklaas as he is known in these parts. My daughter has sometimes had concerns that Father Christmas might not find her here and a little sprinkle of magic reindeer food on the lawn has become a big part of keeping that tradition going for her. This year she decided it would be nice to share the tradition with her closest friends, so she made some little hessian sacks and I devised a little rhyme in Flemish explaining the tradition. I don’t honestly know how this will be received but heh, we’ve had years of sucking up and playing along with the local traditions, it’s definitely time to share a little of our own magic!

Just mix up some wild bird seed and oats and add a little edible glitter – it couldn’t be easier!


If you’re in a similar situation in a Dutch speaking country then feel free to use the rhyme if you wish to replicate this activity.