It’s official folks – you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! My poor patient mother has tried several times over the years to teach me how to knit, even as recently as last Easter, but on each occasion I have totally failed to ‘get it’ and given it up as a bad job.

I don’t know what drove me to try again this time, perhaps just inherent stubbornness or possibly the small child pestering for a pair of leg warmers and me refusing to pay shop prices! However, I decided to try again and bought some chunky yarn and needles (in the hope that it would knit up quicker) and booked myself an afternoon with a load of online videos.

Here’s the outcome…


I’ve only gone and cracked it! Totally chuffed with myself, despite the fact that it’s only taken me 30-odd years to get my brains and hands around it. Now I just need to learn to unknit my mistakes!

My next project is slightly more complicated, a simple lace scarf that is getting me to use basic increase and decrease stitches. So far I’ve only had one major lapse of concentration. that has required a seasoned knitter to come to my rescue. I’m not sure if the intended recipient will see this here but if so then they can let you know if I succeeded or not in December!