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My daughter loves sewing on my machine and recently asked if she could make a skirt. Of course you can, said I, thinking that she meant just a simple tube with an elastic waist…oh no, I hadn’t quite bargained on the design that she had in mind. After a bit of discussion we established that she wanted to make a double layer skirt with a print on top and a solid underskirt just peeping out underneath. The waistband had to be flat fronted and ideally she wanted the back shirred for comfort. Nothing like ambition eh kiddo?!


Thus followed a discussion about how some of the things she wanted to do she probably couldn’t do yet, so we agreed that it would have to be a joint effort. We made the skirt over two days and, to be fair, it really was a joint effort. She did a lot of it herself, including all the seams and hems and she even had a good go at the shirring, I know grown women who are petrified of shirring!


I think that the finished skirt ticks all of her boxes. She decided that it needed embellishment, so she chose a cute little wooden cat button from her collection and I whipped up a little bow from the underskirt fabric.


I think it finishes it off really nicely. And why the Milly skirt? Well, that’s to honour her favourite cuddly, Milly the cat.