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Or maybe this post should be called “Halter-neck obsession: part two! ”


This little top was a super-simple job. It’s a very basic construction; just a simple tube that is shirred for about half of its length with a couple of straps added. I used a piece of voile but any lightweight cotton would work and with a regular cotton you might not need to do so much shirring – I was just very conscious that this voile was rather sheer so went a bit overboard with the shirring!


The bottom hem was a bit of a problem as the fabric was so very fine and my machine doesn’t have a rolled hem foot and I could not be bothered doing one of those the “no foot” way – this was meant to be a quick and simple job! Then a friend suggested using the scalloped embroidery stitch on my machine and simply trimming around it with a pair of very small scissors. So I tested it on a scrap and, after a bit of fiddling with the machine settings, it worked a treat.

Image (1)

The key to success was using a piece of thickish tissue paper (the kind they wrap breakable purchases in) as a stabiliser on the reverse. I really like the scalloped effect, it’s so pretty and absolutely perfect for this fabric.

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The little one is very happy with it and I think it’ll look really pretty over short leggings or cropped summer trousers.