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That sounds like an ice lolly doesn’t it? We’re not getting too excited but we’re due a couple of days of 20C and sunshine, so it’s almost ice lolly season and time to fetch out the sundresses and summer skirts and make the most of it!


My daughter has a beautiful twirling sundress that I made using the tutorial on From an Igloo and she lived in it for the entire of last summer. She can still just about squeeze into it but the poor girl really is long overdue a new dress! Today I pulled out her selection from the fabric market trip and set to work on a new twirler.


She requested a halter-neck fastening, so I had to play with the design of the bodice a little bit. The original pattern called for a simple rectangular bodice but I wanted it to sit higher on her chest, so I drafted a bodice which was shaped to fit under the arms.  I was a bit worried that the shirred panel across the back may not hold up the weight of the skirt, so I made it narrower than if I’d opted for regular shoulder straps. I was still not entirely convinced it was going to stay up her back but after a good press with a steam iron it seemed to be staying put, even after the extreme twirling test!


The good news is that she adores it already. As I was putting it together I was quite nervous about the acidity of that green (it is a perfect colour match to the strawberry leaves) but I should just learn to trust her judgement, the girl clearly has a good eye for colour!