Recently, we took a short break in the beautiful Mullertal region of Luxembourg. We love Luxembourg and it’s probably our nearest really pretty destination for a bit of walking. The trails are perfect for families with lots of well-signed, child-friendly routes.

We found some fabulous icicles hanging off the cliffs along our walks…


…and had fun exploring the lovely castle at Beaufort…

Image 3

…it was a tad cold for the time of year but it was good walking weather so long as you were dressed for it.

The week after that my folks came to stay with us for a short break. As well as the pleasure of a family visit, this meant the one thing that can cheer up any expat after a long winter… treats from home! AND look what my lovely Dad made for me…


…I’d been eyeing up bobbin racks for ages and Dad kindly offered to have a go at making one when I sent him a picture of the kind of thing I was after. Isn’t it rather brilliant? My daughter quickly set to work emptying out my chaotic box of threads and arranging them and rearranging them and then arranging them some more!


The little shelves have wing-nuts on the end so you can angle them slightly to easily slip the reels on and off their pegs. It can be fixed to a wall or be free-standing as it has little fold out supports at the back. Now my OCD is demanding immediate standardisation of thread purchasing to satisfy the need to have reels of the same shape and size lined up on my lovely rack!

There was also a little parcel of fabric that I’d ordered from the UK in a fit of self-indulgence, a selection of prints from the Moda Spa range. That was a little present to myself, whilst the exchange rate is favourable, and whilst I’m not yet sure what I’ll be making it’s going to be something for me and me alone.