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The last few weeks have been rather quiet on the crafting front but rather busy in other ways. We’ve had easter school break, a short trip to Luxembourg and a family visitation, all of which have helped time to pass in a bit of a blur! But I’ve got a few bits to share, including a couple more blocks for the quilt-along.

Here is the offering for April. It’s not my favourite block if I’m honest, too solid for my liking. However we’re sticking with the pattern so it’s staying, for now. At least those little campers cheer it up a bit.


The block for May is much more pleasing. Firstly, turquoise is my favourite colour so it’s just a lot easier on my eyes and secondly, I have plenty of turquoise fabrics in my scraps bag to choose from so it was enjoyable to pull them all out for selection. It also gave me a very good excuse to use some of the divine Valori Wells Wildfield print from the Wrenly range, as if one really needs an excuse?!


I’m aware that I’m ahead of myself again but that’s probably a good thing as there’s plenty of other stuff to be getting on with!