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Skorts – what a great invention they are! My daughter had a pair of skorts (there’s an interesting conundrum, is it “a skort” or “a pair of skorts”? Answers on a postcard please) that were very handy last summer, however I’m fairly sure that they’re not going to fit her this year. A skort is just a pair of shorts with an overskirt and they are the perfect thing for your cartwheeling, hand-standing and somersaulting daughters.

To make the shorts part I hacked an existing pattern for slim leg trousers and made it up in shorts length from a lightweight jersey print. I stitched it all up with the exception of the waistband part. Then I laid that out and drafted a slender A-line skirt pattern that would give me the same width at the waist and be long enough to cover the hem of the shorts by an inch or two. That was all cut out and sewn up the sides.


The only tricky part is working out how to attach the shorts to the skirt in order to get it all facing the right way and then creating a casing for the elastic. Now don’t do what I did which was to just wing it in a far too over-confident manner and make a right mess of it. You really don’t want to spend 2 hours unpicking an entire waistband of stretch stitch on jersey… no, I promise you, really you don’t! So back to the internet and the very talented ikatbag who had already made the same mistake and whose tutorial would have saved me a whole lot of time… hindsight; marvellous thing eh.


Once I had everything in the right place they were very quick to finish up and my daughter is now all set for an upside-down summer without Mum constantly moaning at her about maintaining her modesty!

*Apologies for the terrible photography on this post, it has been heavy grey skies here for days on end now and even my stand-by location (the well-lit back of a white door) is far too dull.