It’s not yet spring but the crocuses are flowering, daffodils are coming into bud and the fabric market is rolling around the towns and cities of Belgium. Unfortunately our local market falls on a week day and my daughter fancied coming along to pick out fabrics for her summer wardrobe so we had to find one on a weekend. So today we headed to Leuven, however we didn’t bank on waking up to snow, and after a slightly grim journey (they didn’t appear to have cleared the motorway) we made it!

It was hard work navigating a market with a small person in tow; some stalls we had to bypass completely as there was no way she could get through the crowds. We still managed to get some bargains though and she got most of what she wanted.

First she chose these prints for a summer dress, I’m sure there’ll be enough left over for accessories too.


Next a simple cotton flower print for a skirt…


This cupcake print is a sturdier cotton and will do for bags and maybe an apron.


She was also desperate to find something featuring cats, we were really struggling on that front and then found this great print on a heavier weight linen. The print is huge so I suspect we may fussy-cut some of the cats out for various projects.

IMG_8658 IMG_8659

I picked out this cute print for small girlie projects…


…and bought some beautiful buttons and a cute woven ribbon…

IMG_8670 IMG_8672

…I feel some more suede key-ring fobs coming on!

There were plenty of stalls we missed and, most annoyingly, I found the really cheap one with about 5 minutes to spare. They had lovely lightweight cottons that were perfect for summer nightwear for just 3euros/m! I was slightly gutted to walk away but my daughter was decidedly fed up of being whacked in the face and bumped around in the crowds so we called it a day and headed off for lunch instead. Hopefully by the time it rolls around to our local expo they’ll still have plenty of stock.