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Last week was half-term break and a quiet one it was too; no rushing off to the hills with the ski crowds for us, just a lot of chilling out at home enjoying some rest and relaxation. In fact pretty much the whole week was just spent pottering about, baking, crafting and playing… perfection!

Here are some of our makes…



Aren’t they funky! Just plain wooden beads decorated with acrylic pens.

Of course Cupid was out and about last week and, despite my best efforts to ignore  over-commercialised events of its kind, my daughter wanted to do something on-theme. A friend was coming to play that day so I bought a couple of wooden heart-shaped photo frames from a craft shop and let them set to work with acrylic paints and glitter. I’m not entirely sure what inspired the touch of patriotism or how it relates to Valentine’s Day…


(lucky Daddy can have all that glitter on his desk now!)

She also commandeered my machine for an afternoon. She completed her first machine project last summer; with me standing over her like a hawk, petrified of little fingers getting anywhere near a needle. This time she wanted to make a cushion and she decided to use a little embroidery that she had made last year…


…it’s her own design, drawn onto a piece of linen with a wash-out pen and then stitched by her own fair hand (I’m sure I couldn’t do such a tidy back-stitch at that age!).


Isn’t it sweet? All her own work, I just did the cutting and trimming and slip-stitched it shut at the end. I was impressed to be honest, she was much more confident this time; remembering to lay pieces right sides together, keeping the needle in her work when rotating it and managing to reverse in a straight line etc. Most importantly she did all the sewing herself and still has a full complement of fingers! At this rate I’ll be having to book time in to use my own machine!