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Every year for Carnival the children here go to school in costume and make a short parade. In previous years we’ve done a clown, a pumpkin and various fairies, so what to magic up this year? A bit of discussion determined that she wanted to be an animal and given that we’re still very much in winter it had to be something that could be slipped on easily over regular clothing and survive a winter coat being worn over it. Then I remembered seeing a fab peacock tutu tutorial on The Train to Crazy  which looked like just the job and as peacocks are one of her favourite animals it didn’t take a whole lot of persuasion.

First I had to find tulle/netting in the right colours. You’d think this would be simple would you not? Oh no, I can assure you that it took me 2 trips to 2 different towns and 4 different fabric shops to finally find someone with the right colours.

However perseverance pays and this is what I managed to produce…



I made the back of the skirt longer and fuller to give more impression of it being a tail. The feathers were made using bias tape stitched in half and then I inserted a length of wire to give them some structure and the ability to be repositioned.


The eye of each feather is made from felt top stitched with a bit of gold thread. These were then hand stitched onto the bias tape which was tied onto the back of the waistband.


But a tutu alone does not make the peacock and I was pleased to find a very cool opera-esque mask in a local craft shop that with a bit more Mummy magic was transformed into a peacock head.

It was great to see the kids on their parade; there were some fantastic costumes. And even the weather managed to be kind as the sun finally broke through which, given that we started the day with sleet and wet snow falling onto icy pavements, was a vast improvement!