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Phew it’s been a week and a half here! My daughter came down with a virus last week and it was a nasty one; 60+ hours of crazy fever and then all the usual viral grimness. Poor child has been really wiped out by this one. Then guess what? Yes, the husband came down with it! So I’ve had a houseful all week and, in between remembering who had what dose of which medicine last, I’ve been running around supplying endless bowls of cereal, chicken soup and cups of tea. However, we are now through the worst of it and I appear to have escaped it completely, thank goodness! Mums just aren’t allowed to get sick, right?

So, with all that to contend with, the sewing took a bit of a slide as you can imagine. I managed to get my February quilt block cut out and sewn up and I did some work on a few patterns I’ve been mulling over, including this one for fabric storage baskets.


For a while I’ve been looking at fabric baskets in stores and online but I’ll eat my hat before I’ll pay out for something that is so simple to make. My sewing room is a tip; there are unsightly plastic tubs sitting around with buttons, elastic, ribbons and trims in and frankly it all needs a good sort out. I’ve been meaning to buy some storage but haven’t found the ideal solution, so I decided to have a try at making some fabric baskets myself and this is what I came up with.


This is the first attempt and so far I’ve established that I definitely need to find some sturdier interfacing but overall I’m pretty happy with it. The handles need some work, I don’t like them on the top, I think that flat handles on the ends will look better when lined up on the shelves.


Here it is in its new role as home for all my bits of ribbon and trim. Now I just need to make about another 5 of these in varying sizes and I might achieve a little bit of style and order on my shelves!