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Do you ever find that you hit upon something that you will possibly make forever? In the run up to Christmas I decided to try my hand at making notebook portfolios. I’d seen similar things in the shops (for silly money) and imagined they couldn’t be that tricky to make. Originally I’d planned to just buy some notebooks and give them simple fabric covers but I could only find notebooks with either flimsy paper covers or else full-on thick board covers, neither of which fitted the bill. I didn’t have a pattern to follow so I bought some little flip-up notepads of different sizes and started forging a pattern of sorts. This is what I came up with…


The dimensions of the notepads determined the size of the portfolio and the additional pockets etc. These particular ones were just slightly smaller than A5 size when they were finished.

Then came some more in handbag size; ideal for shopping lists with a little slip at the side for storing receipts or vouchers:

IMG_8167 IMG_8170

Next, I scaled the pattern up to fit an A4 pad. Here is one made up in the very funky  Washi Triangles print in charcoal from Timeless Treasures:


And the final variation on the theme is the addition of a slide-in pocket for pens/pencils to turn it into a children’s drawing portfolio. This is one I made for my daughter for Christmas:


I am starting to feel like I could make these in my sleep now, but they are always so very well received and don’t take up an enormous amount of print fabric so they’re ideal for tempting me to buy a couple of fat quarters of something special. I suspect that the drawing portfolio will become the stand-by birthday gift of choice for the foreseeable future, well at least until all of her friends have got one!!!