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Last week winter arrived good and proper with a hefty fall of snow, well hefty at least by our standards; we woke up on the Monday to about 10 or 12cm of fine, dry, powdery snow. Ooh the excitement!


Obviously in other parts of the world that would be a mere dusting but here it’s enough to cause a fair amount of chaos and of course huge excitement on the part of the small people. Oh to be a child once more and experience the delight of being dragged to school on the sleigh! So my week was spent mostly shovelling snow, making soup in a bid to fend off daytime highs of -8C and trekking back and forth with a child on a sleigh. Not a whole lot of sewing or crafting got done I’m afraid.

Then I did a very stupid thing and put my back out; ironically not from falling on the ice but one of those ridiculous moments where you sneeze and pull a muscle. Anyway, the pain hung around for several days and sitting behind the sewing machine for long periods was a definite no-no. Instead, I took to hand sewing and, in between wincing and wandering around, embroidered a bookmark for a little girl gift.


More snowfall in the latter part of the week further hampered my creative efforts as I had a couple of projects that required a trip to a fabric store. Eventually on the weekend I picked up the bits I needed, however Mother Nature then chucked yet more white stuff at us and this time it was, thankfully, wetter snow; perfect for construction jobs. YAY!

IMG_8520 IMG_8523

Our snowcat!

This week I’m back on track and am already being more productive, details to follow soon…