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Last October I started making a skirt. My favourite winter skirt, which I bought a few years ago, was starting to look a bit shabby and could I find anything this winter in the same style? Of course not! So I had a root around in my fabric stash and found a piece of woven fabric that I picked up in a bargain bin about 18 years ago (hoarder? me? never!). It was perfect for the job. I’m not sure if it is wool but it feels a bit like a lightweight wool blend and is colourful enough to be the perfect January pick-me-up. It’s a bit mad isn’t it?


In the absence of a pattern, I used my existing skirt to create one. Here is the original skirt, it’s a simple a-line, just 3 pattern pieces plus the yoke with a zip down the back. The pattern was fairly easy to draft as it’s all straight lines (my kind of drafting!).


I got the skirt sewn up quickly but I still needed to fit a lining and hem it. However, Christmas was looming fast and the pressure of gift projects meant that the skirt got transferred to the “to do pile” and was forgotten about. Now that the holidays are over, the temptation to sink my scissors into some fresh fabric is oh so strong but I decided that I must force myself to finish off some abandoned projects first. Given the size of my to do pile, this skirt can consider itself very lucky that it finally got itself lined and hemmed!


So here it is… though I’m not entirely sure what colour to pair with it. I tried both teal and charcoal grey but I’m not 100% convinced by either of those, perhaps a trip to the shops is needed; after 18 years of sitting patiently in a cupboard I think this fabric deserves a good companion!