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Way back in the autumn I bought a metre of this lovely cord print from the twice-yearly fabric market that comes to town. I love the way that the colours mix where they overlap.


First a little bit about this market. It takes over our local exhibition centre for one day each spring and autumn; you need to imagine an aircraft hangar full of fabric stalls some of which are selling fabrics and haberdashery at bargain prices. It really is a seamstress’ dream, I have yet to come away empty-handed!

Anyway, I digress, so I bought this cord print with the intention of making a little autumn through spring skirt for my daughter. I’m glad to report that, having finally emerged from a very long “pink phase”, fabric shopping has become a lot more interesting and this print really leapt at me. I had been searching through the bolts doing the whole “what will she wear with that?” thing and then spotted this and it certainly solved the problem. Obviously autumn has been and gone before I got around to making it but well, that’s a minor point.


She had requested a simple pull-on skirt with an elastic waist and whilst this is a lightweight cord I felt that it may be a bit too thick to gather a full skirt onto elastic. Experience dictates that she is super-fussy about things being uncomfortable around her middle so I decided to draft a simple yoke with an elastic casing and then attach a pleated skirt onto that. Not complicated to make and nice and easy to wear, PLUS she had matching tights and a cardigan to hand (now how often does that happen?).

We hurriedly hopped outside to take some photos but it was pretty cold out there so the posing didn’t last long. However when she came back inside she decided to keep her skirt on, which is always a good sign that it’s going to be a success. Job done!