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When my daughter received this box on Christmas morning I don’t think that she had the foggiest clue what might be inside of it. She knew it was from me and I’d warned her not to shake it before opening. It was all a bit intriguing…


Then when the lid came off there was a gasp and a shriek and I finally breathed again. YAY! That was precisely the reaction that I was hoping for after spending just about every evening hour between half-term and Christmas working on it! So what was in the box?

IMG_8388Her very own cake shop! There are six different cake slices with removable toppings and a selection of cookies. This has rapidlybecome a firm favourite and it would seem that our family of rabbit softies are particularly partial to a bit of cake! But the best bit about this shop is that its new owner has declared that you can only pay for cake in coins… chocolate coins… see where she’s going with that? Hmm.

The cake itself was constructed from 5cm thick foam that was left over from a bench cushion project. It wasn’t that straightforward to cut a perfect circle but an electric bread-knife helped and any minor imperfections are well hidden by the felt. Once the wedges were cut it was a simple job of cutting felt to fit and blanket stitching it around the foam. The toppings were great fun to make, though some were a bit tricky. I found some helpful free tutorials for the cream puffs and Viennese Whirls over at Fairyfox and then pretty much winged the rest of it; I really do think that felt is one of my favourite mediums for hand sewing.

So which is your favourite slice? I think that this is mine:


Whereas my daughter favours the birthday cake:


And Daddy is a bit of a stickler for a chunk of Black Forest gateau:


Really this is just about the perfect cake for January when, let’s face it, most of us are feeling a little over-indulged in the post-festive period. You can sit and admire a slice of that without a single scrap of guilt – just my kind of cake!